I’m Jenni, I’m 22 and live in South Manchester.

I like to paint portraits of people using make up, I like to write, read, cycle, run and eat Twirls. I also regard myself as a massive feminist *** so will probably have a bit of a whinge about that sort of stuff on here so if that’s not your cup of tea then this might not be the blog for you.

I’ve been putting off this personal blogging lark for a while now but I think it has finally gotten to the stage where if I keep sharing every single thing I do/find interesting/am appalled at via Facebook, then my friends will lose the will to live.

So this blog is basically going to be an extension to the inner workings of my mind and most likely will be filled with lots of rubbish.

***If you’re one of those people who, like my friends, think that feminists have hairy armpits, don’t wear bras and hate men, I am a prime example that these things are simply not true. Although I do have a little cry every time I shave my armpits because secretly a part of me would love to grow big armpit forests as I don’t think they look all that bad (its the stubbly in between stage that is a test of sheer endurance and the bit I think looks most unappealing ) but society says that I must not give up this shaving ritual or else I am a lesbian who does not care about my own personal hygiene or appearance. I also like to walk around with no bra on sometimes cos it’s the best feeling ever, but I think the majority of women can vouch for me on that one. I also am generally a fan of men, which will come as a relief to my Mum if she’s Googled me again and is reading this. Mum, if you are reading this, this blog is not for you and I can guarantee you won’t like it.